Fashion Lamp starts up in 1972 as a factory of wound magnetic components and decor fiberoptics lighting.
The company abandoned the production of lamps and specialized in designing and produciton of custom woud components on particular customer’s specifications.
The company catalog holds more than 5.000 components designed and produced for the most diverse applications, thansk to the expertise reached in solving customer’s problems. Customers ara institutions and companies operating in power conversione, energy distribution, telecommunications, transport, production of medical equipment and complex machinery.Our test & measurements laboratory have specific instrumentation for all tests on transformers and inductors, both grid frequency or high frequency, and tools and instrumentation for electromagnetic compatibility measurements and tests.
The carpentry workshop is equipped with numeric control machines and specific tools for producing or quickly creating even complex anchoring and enclosing solutions, customized for apparatuses with special electromechanic specifications.
In 2010 Green Line division starts-up, developing and producing high efficiency axial flux permanent magnet generators, small vertical axis wind turbines and micro-hydroelectric turbines.